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catering management system

takeaway restaurant solutions

key point: brand marketing, takeaway service, data analysis solutions:.1、help you to create its own brand of micro-restaurant, ordering the official website, to create an independent domain, independentLOGOtakeaway brand.2、takeaway provide comprehensive data analysis to help businesses find business problems and provide support for the direction of data businesses.

catering management system

Restaurant Solutions

key point: brand building, dine management, financial management solutions:.1、gourmet meals providedPC、WAPrestaurant official website, to help build a restaurant micro-channel public platform to build its own brand restaurant.2、meals gourmet restaurant management system provides for the restaurant cash register, inventory, purchasing, personnel and other aspects of management, the financial data needed to generate the restaurant.

catering management system

fast-food restaurant solutions

key points: improve ordering efficiency, save manpower cost solution:.1、use the touch screen a la carte or buffet a la carte system after receiving orders, kitchen automatic ticket, draw dish, pantry, reminders seamless.2、two-dimensional code table for self-ordering, customer self-service ordering via two-dimensional code, Houchu ticket, saving manpower.

catering management system

small restaurant solutions

key points :: no computers and networks, small shop small table-bit solutions: two-dimensional code and phone ordering a la carte treasure, withGPRSprinter, Bluetooth printer, customer self-service à la carte treasure or attendant holding a single point, kitchen ticket, improve operational efficiency, full access without a computer, just the customer or attendant phone has network can be.

catering management system

ordinary shop cash register management solution

key points: take-away service, cash register management solutions: bakeries, florists, supermarkets and other small gourmet meals can also use the system, you can use the micro-channel gourmet meals takeaway shop autonomous system to create micro-channel platform, pay by cashier cashier management side management, through statistical analysis, guidance shop operators.

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