intelligent restaurant,wise catering


produce supplier
catering management system

make agricultural sell well,quickly build ingredient business platform
Know ingredients business running business platform management software system best
creat micro official website,micro mall,provide marketing services!
instanly open to use>>

Supplying restaurant

Business platform settled directly 3cfood catering system,allowing agricultural product to restaurant,agricultural product bussiness is completed online,restaurant ingredients supplying, procurement,transportation seamless connects

produce supplier

3cfood offers entrepreneurs rural bussiness project solutions,business platform ingredients commerce system building software technology,to create restaurant fresh supply of supplier platform.

produce supplier

technical team


24after-sale hours service

once paid,permanent security,3cfood provides24x7all-weather services,full marketing training,permanent technical support to help you quickly build ingredients business platform.

produce supplier

food purchasing

Real-time comprehensive update of raw materials,the raw material of seasonal replacement is no longer calculated by time to market;Solve restaurant purchase problem,suppliers' selling problem,platform ordering,platform payments,avoiding phenomenon of procurement fraud.

transport and distribution

snap-up distribution that is similar to Didi taxi,part-time/Full distribution capacity crowdsourcing system.Deliverring cars map location,intelligent control,snap-up orders,easy settlement,openAPI,access to each business platform of market.