intelligent restaurant,wise catering



Wechat take-away system,catering take-awayO2O

catering management system

wise restaurant,self-ordering

open Wechat take-away instantly
take-away ordering platform system

microWechat take-away ordering

takeaway business safe and efficient

  • customer self-order,background recieves orders at anytime,kitchen produce automatically small tickets
  • APPmanage orders,use Wechat to send message,not miss take-out orders
  • instanly open to use>>
take-away distribution management system

withtake-out orders distribution

exclusiveAPPmanagement distribution

  • Easily access to take-away platform orders,a key to issue delivery staff
  • distribution map monitoring,scientific control,improve delivery efficiency
  • instanly open to use>>
take-away orders

bodytakeaway ordering experience

quick and easy, higher revenue

  • dishes classification, list display, quick meal, the predetermined time is set
  • once ordering, automatic memory information, a variety of payment methods optionally!
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membership management marketing

willmembership management marketing

gift discounts, increase the rate of re-buy

  • support Member stored value, membership discounts, membership points, Member Specials
  • share rebate, filled to capacity reduction, e-coupons, orders come rolling
  • instanly open to use>>